Joni and the Brick.

Joni. Sleeping and dreaming of bricks…

It’s when your cat begins to stalk a brick, that the worry sets in.

The brick in question wasn’t moving. If it was, even I would have been concerned and would have contemplated stalking it too, just to see where bricks go when they think no-one is looking. However, this brick was as stationery as Rymans.


A stationery brick








The reason it had attracted Joni’s attention was because it was in the garden, on the patio, next to another brick. For a cat, having two bricks, several inches apart, in the garden, on a ┬ápatio, is something very special. There is an outhouse outside my kitchen with a little alleyway leading to the main garden area, where the bricks were. Joni would run out of the back door, stop by the alleyway and stalk the brick. She couldn’t see it from the alleyway, but she knew it was there. Her back would arch while her body lowered to the ground and she would put one paw gently in front of the other as she slowly walked down the alley, approaching the corner which would give her a good view of the brick.

She would then stare at it for a few seconds, her bottom wiggling as she prepared to pounce, and then she would do it. She would pounce on a defenceless, hapless, innocent brick. She would do it again and again over the ensuing days until I finally swapped the brick for a cheap garden gnome.

At the moment, she is ignoring it but I am sure the day will come when her insatiable feline need for pouncing will target that too.