Kay Prout – The Joy Of Miniatures


One of the three beautiful miniatures I received today from the artist Kay Prout

I had previously posted an article here about my love hate relationship with Facebook. Something happened today that definitely pushed the swing-o-meter well into the ‘love’ section. I received a very large parcel. It was a parcel that I had been expecting although I wasn’t sure if it was *that* parcel, or the other parcel from Uncle Quentin on Kirren Island, full of smuggled tea.

I opened the box.

It was the right parcel.

A few months ago a lady had contacted me on Facebook. She had read my book ‘My Life With Kate Bush’ and was very complimentary about it. Typically we linked up and became Facebook ‘friends’. And what is the first thing you do when you have a new Facebook friend? You go through their photos of course! So I browsed through Kay’s photographs. Unusually, there were no clear ones of Kay herself, just a few close ups of her breasts (albeit covered). However, I did come across some wonderful pictures of what appeared to be doll’s houses. They were elaborate and intricate and it was clear a lot of work had gone into making them. I had always loved miniature worlds. One of the great attractions to me about having a model railway, would be the miniature country village that I would enjoy building up around it. I asked Kay about these miniatures.

“I do them,” she said. “My treasures.” (As I got to know Kay I became more and more charmed by the quirky turn of phrase she would use when writing to me!)

As time went on I began to think of a project that Kay might be interested in. I wondered if a miniature featuring many of my loves – Joni Mitchell, Will Hay, IPC comics from the 70s & 80s, cats – I wondered if this would be a challenge she would embrace. I also thought how much fun it would be to commission a work of art. I had never been in a position to be able to do that in my past but now an opportunity had arisen.

“I would love too!,” said Kay. “I would throw myself into the project. I like to include lots of personal touches!”

And throw herself she did! What I received today were three exquisite works of art that no gallery in the UK would be ashamed of exhibiting. Kay’s miniatures tell a story. She includes things both comical and serious, absurd and alluring, daunting and haunting, and other words like that! An example is in the first artwork above.One of the rooms has a desk. On that desk is a computer monitor. Next to it is an antique candlestick holder. On the wall is a picture of Kate Bush and under the desk is a bottle of whisky! I mean – that just sums up me really!


I am not going to describe in detail all of the beautiful items in each work of art and what they mean to me, as that is a personal thing between Kay and myself (and that also, of course, makes a work of art less or more important to a person). All I am going to say now is thank you Kay. Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing with me your amazing creativity and imagination and fashioning these beautiful miniatures for me which I will treasure all through my life.

For they are treasures indeed.