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Well my name is Riaz and currently I look a bit like this.


I am forty years old and currently live in Avebury, Wiltshire, a very small hamlet famous for its stone circle and being the location of that classic 1970s children’s TV series ‘Children Of The Stones’


I have only been living here since March 2013. Previously, I was living in Calne, a much larger town just up the road. Calne is another quaint town with a rich pork filled history, due to a huge pig factory that used to exist there called Harris’s, which was built in the eighteenth century and finally closed in 1983. There are reminders of this all throughout the town, including a bronze pig effigy outside Martin’s The Newsagents.


However, I am Welsh. I have spent most of my life in the town of Cwmbran in South Wales. I was born in a neighbouring town, Griffithstown, and spent my childhood growing up in a street called Abbey Road in Old Cwmbran. I moved to Southville in the late 1970s, right next to my beloved town centre.


“It wasn’t always as stormy and rain swept like this, but I remember it that way, as that was it at it’s most beautiful.” – Woody Allen ‘Radio Days

This part of my life is chronicled in depth in my book ‘My Life With Kate Bush’ so I won’t go into it that much here. Suffice to say that it was a truly magical time for me and I can recall instances when i was six or seven, and playing with my friends in Brookfield School, that are so crystal clear and vivid that it seems that it could have happened yesterday.

I always wanted to write, from a very early age. When I was 8 I remember writing a horror story inspired by reading The Omen by David Seltzer. I have dabbled with writing, here and there, throughout my life. A few poems have been published, along with the odd short story. However, in late 2011 I published my first book – My Life With Kate Bush – and am currently revising it. I plan to re-write it in three volumes, covering the three stages of my life. ‘Brookfield’ will be an account of my years in junior school, ‘Llantarnam’ will be an account of my years in comprehensive school and ‘Pontypool’ will be an account of my year in college.


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  1. Tim

    Hiya riaz! I bought your book on kindle and it really made me laugh. Thanks for writing the book and I hope you are enjoying the new kate music that is now out. All the best, tim