Hidden in shade
my dreams and desires
half-forgotten melodies
hanging in the cloying air of July
as the Earth, weighed by doubt,
lets out a sigh.

Soft river footsteps
linger, unhurried memories
I seek to understand.
The sun rises over a sweet
sympathetic land.

Her silhouette, slipping
free. A cherry blossom spring
and water, blue.
I sit upon a bank
beneath the willow and stars.

Small pockets of desire
swell in my guarded heart.
I stand on the shore, listening,
second-hand thoughts

Sometimes, everything is just scary.
Talking to people.
Touching, glancing, eating.
The brood of summer souls
lying listlessly in the stalks of sunflowers.
All about me are lives.

I offer my words as clues
And I don’t know
how the story ends.
I’ll make that up if I ever get there.

And I think about you too much.
I’m not sure why.
Maybe it’s just that half-remembered touch
and the kindness in your eyes.

But I love too quick
and too soon
like the pale milk-white gaze
of the conquered moon.

Riaz Ali.