The Bleak Moodiness of my Depressive Woeful Tears

“There’s comfort in melancholy
When there’s no need to explain
It’s just as natural as the weather
In this moody sky today”
Joni Mitchell ‘Hejira’

Sometimes I feel low. It’s not a bi-polar, manic depressive style type of lowness. I don’t feel that the universe makes such little sense that there is no point in existing (I actually enjoy the pointlessness of the universe and revel in the futility of life).

No. When I say I sometimes feel low, what I mean is that sometimes I just feel…low. I feel lost. It’s not even that I feel alone, or that I want attention, or that I need to cry or throw darts at a picture of Noel Edmunds. No. I just have days when I feel a bit lost.

And it’s not even full days. It’s more like half a day. I think it’s important to clear that up right now. I never spend a whole day feeling lost. That’s just not on and is a bit self-indulgent. Half a day will do nicely thank you very much. If it’s more than half a day I get a bit bored with feeling low and it loses its meaning. More than half a day feeling low and lost and I might as well have not started to feel low and lost in the first place, which just makes me cross.

So what did I do about it today? Well my first thought was to play some music. Some nice, uplifting, feel good music that would renew my faith in my fellow human beings and reassure me that the world we live in was not going to end just yet. So I put an album on.

Low by David Bowie

And jumped forward to this track…

And five minutes later I was happy again!

…but also suffering from an overdose of irony…

1 thought on “The Bleak Moodiness of my Depressive Woeful Tears

  1. bigstripeydave

    See, I do the same. I love that album. I skip to Breaking Glass, because of the line “Don’t look at the carpet. I drew something awful on it. See?”
    You’re such a wonderful person. But you got problems.

    Good ol’ Bowie. Always reliable.